How to upload photos to Flickr.

1. If you do not already have log-on details, request from

2. After logging in at Flickr, find the link called "upload" and select the photos you want from your computer or mobile device. As of 2014, this is 2- step upload; first they display a low-res version of all your pictures, then ask you to confirm that all the photos should be uploaded. This is a good time to delete photos that are too "samey" or not visually interesting

3. Hit the 'organize" button from the Flickr front page and create a new set or album for your uploaded images. Name it distinctively. Note: we like to ask teachers to send "10 or less" of their best photos so we don't end up going through dozens of images. "10 or less" is a good target to aim at, for any given set. If it is a huge event with invited elders and survivors, consider breaking up the images into 2 or 3 sets, and embedding them in more that one place in the blog post.

4. Capture the set id number if you are considering adding a slideshow to your Wordpress blog post. Here's how to find it: